The Amazing Race

A fusion of groupthink & interactive challenges in a race across, through, and over the streets.


theamazingrace.jpgThis adventure includes multi-sensory puzzlers, physical challenges, problem solving tasks, building challenges and kinetic game playing. By using the template of CBS’s The Amazing Race in conjunction
with team dynamic training, the adventure has all the excitement of the TV show along with strong team growth components.

The experience begins with a fun brain tweaker that helps spread the teams departure times by a few minutes. Once the race starts, each team can use taxis, rental cars, scooters or whatever other mode of
transportation they choose, to race around the city.  One caveat: they must always stay together as a team. Teams navigate their way to check points utilizing their combined wits, acquired maps, clues and or their ability to obtain accurate directions. 

After they complete the first checkpoint challenge or Detour, they move on to the next challenge. This process continues as they race across the city trying to become the first team to cross the finish line. At each checkpoint, the teams will need to complete a challenge or solve a creative problem. These include a variety of Roadblock or Detour style challenges.

The challenges and clues are customized to reflect your unique location as well as emphasize the unique aspects of your corporate culture. You can select from a huge and exciting assortment of challenges that require a variety of personal and team skills. You may choose based on your company goals for this team builder or let us select for you. Either way, the challenge will be themed to the specific locale. Start wherever you wish, go wherever you like, and finish wherever you choose. Did we mention that we can design an Amazing Race in any city you choose? It is truly a versatile platform for a team dynamics program; completely adaptable to your needs, group size and location!

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