Domestic Demolition

Taking a property dispute to the next level!


domesticdemolition.jpgImagine building a beautiful family home nestled amidst rolling hills and manicured lawns of The Greenbrier…nice? No way. After it is built, you realize you and the neighbors are simply incompatible. The solution, talk it out and come to some agreement, or pull out your secret weapon, the Domestic Demolition Cannon.

You decide the only way to recover your view and regain your piece of mind is demolition.  Little did you know, your neighbors have the same plan, they decide to try and level your newly constructed home by using a high velocity projectile cannon. The only recourse…level theirs! In this game, each team will build a palatial scale model of their ideal home out of material provided. Then it will be placed on the firing range to become cannon fodder. During this unforgettable game, teams build a structure out of the materials provide. The materials may include foam core, dowels, epoxy, yardsticks, or other similar items. The finished houses are anywhere from 1-3 feet tall and exhibit the constructing team’s uniqueness. Once built, we move them to our firing range where teams have a chance to demolish each other’s creations using custom designed pneumatic cannons that fire everything from tennis balls to eggs. Combine

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