Cross Country Challenge

A 4-wheel drive back country race, Land Rover style!

Navigate your way through the woods with a map and compass or handheld GPS unit.  Complete the time trials course in your team’s custom outfitted Land Rover and face team performance challenges along the way. Successfully complete these challenges and others placed in your way, while bringing your team closer together and conquering the Cross Country Challenge.  Fun, exhilarating and mentally demanding, the Cross Country Challenge is definitely one of our most popular activities. Based on the famous Camel Trophy Race, The Cross Country Challenge requires a group to work together, collaborating to develop a strategy to accumulate points. During the Cross Country Challenge, team members must seek out a variety of  checkpoints that are assigned different values determined by ease of access, distance and difficulty, while
racing against the clock. Planning and communication are vital for success. The most effective teams assess the individual member’s strengths and use their resources to successfully pass through as many checkpoints as possible to maximize their score. 

During the first leg of this challenge, 3 member teams will be taught the basics of GPS positioning and given directions to find hidden caches. After learning the GPS basics, teams will, along with their professional driver and guide, find their way to our custom built off-road time trial course.  While on the course the team will learn vital off road driving skills and be faced with unique team performance challenges.  This exhilarating activity combines 3 great activities, geochaching, off road driving and team performance challenges. There is either a 3 or 4 hour option for this action packed activity.

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