Team Performance Workshop

An experiential approach to the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator workshop.jpgARE INDIVIDUAL DIFFERENCES WORKING FOR OR AGAINST YOUR TEAM? Experience a powerful transformation as we spend day sharpening your team’s performance from inside out. Through the use of the Myers-Briggs Indicator© we will identify various personality preferences of team members and define your profile. Understanding group and personal dynamics is an invaluable tool for creating a new team and achieving new levels of performance.

DOES SITTING IN A MEETING ROOM, TALKING ABOUT PSYCHOLOGICAL PREFERENCES SEEM LIKE A WAY TO ENERGIZE A TEAM? We don’t think so! The Greenbrier Leadership Center has coupled pteam_ropes.jpgersonal insights gained from classic personality type indicator with engaging and challenging activities, which yield powerful new perspectives at the individual and team levels.

A TEAM APPROACH By examining personal and team preferences, you will learn to identify team strengths and possible blind spots. Nothing is more important to organizational success than a collaborative management team. Occasionally, collaboration can be a challenge within a group of intelligent, hard-driving senior managers. The insights gained by experiencing personal preferences in action can convert this challenge from a source of team conflict to a source of strength dramatically increasing team productivity.

STRATEGIC OUTCOMES Our goal is to create opportunities for your team to experience personal preferences or psychological type in action. By including interactive challenges into this Myers-Briggs workshop, your team will glean a deeper understanding of this powerful team development tool. You team will:

• Identify areas of strength and possible team blind spots
• Clarify team behavior
• Match team assignments and personal preferences
• Provide a framework to better identify and diffuse conflict
• Define the inherent strengths and challenges of your team, both in working together and with employees