Adventure Trail

at5.jpgThe Adventure Trail offers some of the most exciting designs for exploring team building principles with almost any population.  Participants will be able to hone team building skills such as listening, leadership, planning and communication while embarking on an adventurous and challenging mission.  Although simple looking in design, the action and learning that occurs represent some of the most dynamic group initiatives in the adventure education field. 

With numerous activities available, facilitators can choose both the activity and the sequencing to best fit the dynamics of your group and the goals of the training experience.

The Adventure Trail offers programming for groups of up to 72 persons.  Few other low element designs offer such precise sequencing, curriculum concentration and group experience.  Typically, large groups are divided into task groups, which circulate through the Adventure Trail events.

at4.jpgOne scenario used on the Adventure Trail is the rescue litter exercise.  A team member has been injured and has been belted into a rescue litter for transport, and it is your job to get to the next base-camp so proper medical care can be administered.  In order to reach the base-camp, the team must move the litter over several obstacles-a task accomplished only if the entire team works in unison with a common vision.

This simulated rescue is just one of the many initiatives and challenges presented on our 7 station Adventure Trail.  The unique design of our course emphasizes goal setting and communication while striving to provide a unifying experience for all the members of the team.

Also located in the Adventure Learning Center are stand-alone low element initiatives such as the team wall and the whale watch that can be used in combination with the Adventure Trail.  The team wall is a flat eleven foot wall that utilizes every team member to get everyone over the wall.  The whale watch is a larger version of “all aboard” which is what we talked about during our phone conversion.  (the small square board that as many participants as possible get on)

We will arrange for all transportation needs to shuttle participants to the Adventure Learning Center (about 5 min) and provide all necessary equipment and staff.

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