Greenbrier Mountain Quest

Test your navigation skills with this orienteering challenge.

quest.jpgIf you’re looking for a great way to really see The Greenbrier Property — or a really fun way to get your heart pumping — come give Orienteering a try.

Known as “the thinking man’s running game,” Orienteering is a fast-paced and exciting challenge that tests your map and compass reading skills. Following a brief instruction period on either map and compass or GPS principles, teammates must work together to collaboratively navigate a preset course through the woods. quest1.jpgOnce you’ve reached a checkpoint marked on a detailed map, you punch your card with a distinct punch, available only at that checkpoint.

In order to succeed, teams must rely on the skills and knowledge of their teammates. Upon completion of the course, the facilitator has an opportunity to explore with the group, their leadership styles, the way they reacted to ambiguity, and their overall group decision making process.

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