Test your navigation and detective skills with this group orienteering scavenger hunt.

scav.jpgGeocaching allows families and friends to work together to accomplish the ultimate scavenger hunt by using a combination of maps, clues, and answers to questions and clues. Some objects and answers can be collected at specific locations while others must simply be observed throughout the event.

Questions are given to groups in a random order, allowing the group members to prioritize and determine their desired route. scav2.jpgEach team will select a unique route, however they frequently see each other along the way, adding to the competitive nature of the event.

Difficulty levels can be selected depending on your group composition. By combining orienteering equipment such as maps, GPS, and compasses along with questions and clues, geocaching makes for an exhilarating activity for the entire family.

Availability: Varies by location
Duration: Allow 2 Hours
Price: Varies by location
Location: The Greenbrier, WV
The Broadmoor, CO

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The Greenbrier, WV

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