Greenbrier Challenge

A navigational race that appeals to the whole crowd.

gbrchallenge.jpgNavigate your way through the woods with a map and compass. Determine the best way to cross a river.  Pedal a mountain bike circuit. Overcome obstacles placed in your path. Fun, exhilarating and mentally demanding, the Greenbrier Challenge is definitely one of our most popular family and team-building activities. Based on the sport of adventure racing, The Greenbrier Challenge requires a group to work together, collaborating to develop a strategy to accumulate points.

During The Challenge, team members must seek out a variety of checkpoints that are assigned different values determined by ease of access, distance and difficulty, while racing against the clock. Planning and communication are vital for success. The most effective teams assess the individual member’s strengths and use their resources to successfully pass through as many checkpoints as possible to maximize their score.

gbrchallenge2.jpgThe Greenbrier Challenge is very flexible and is custom designed to meet the specific goals of your group. Thanks to its flexibility, the Greenbrier Challenge is perfect for groups of any size – and participants of all ages can compete on an even scale. Whether you’re trying to build a workplace team’s esprit-de-corps or looking for a different and fun way to spend an afternoon with your friends and family, the Greenbrier Challenge is the way to go.

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